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Your Midhurst Builder and Plumber Answers your Questions

O Bond Building Ltd is a one-stop shop for all building requirements in and around the Midhurst area. While we are well-known for our skills as a general builder and plumber, we also cover Midhurst and the South East as kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters who can transform your property and turn it into a more functional and stylish home.


Here, we answer some of the most common questions on what we do and how we go about it. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.


Pipes have burst in my home and water is coming through the ceiling. Can you help?

We are usually able to respond to emergencies quickly and will aim to be at your Midhurst property as soon as we can. We will turn off your water (if you haven’t already) and look to fix the problem there and then. If extensive repair work is needed, we’ll make your home safe and arrange for a plumber or builder to come back at a convenient time.


I’m thinking of having a house extension. Do I need planning permission?

Yes but because we’re an experienced general builder that has dealt with the local authority for Midhurst many times in the past, we can help you with that. We will make a planning application on your behalf and before we submit it, we’ll look closely at the design and materials to give the application every chance of being accepted.


I’ve heard so many things about builders ripping customers off. How are you different?

Our reputation as a general builder in Midhurst precedes us. We are a small, client-led building company that goes the extra mile with every customer. We offer free, no-obligation quotes on all of our work. Our prices are competitive, we are fully insured and we work within agreed budgets. All finished projects are guaranteed.


I’ve got a small kitchen and want it remodelled to free up some room. Do you operate as a kitchen fitter?

Yes. We’ll help you plan out the look of your new kitchen and lose prominent features that are rarely used or take up more space than is needed. As a kitchen fitter, we can suggest suitable kitchen products that provide a sleeker finish in your Midhurst home. When our work as a kitchen fitter has finished, you’ll wonder how you put up with the old one for so long!


Can you help with a bathroom remodelling project in Midhurst?

Definitely. We have a great reputation in Midhurst and all surrounding areas for being an experienced bathroom fitter. Because we work as a builder and plumber, we design and install all bathrooms in-house. We think there’s nothing worse than choosing a bathroom fitter who has to add cost to the project by hiring in an outside plumber.


As a builder, do you undertake specialist work such as brickwork and roofing?

We cover the Midhurst area as a builder that can take care of all aspects of your work including roofing, brickwork, bathroom and kitchen installations, plumbing, joinery, carpentry and even any electrical requirements you may have. While we refer to ourselves as a general builder, it’s more accurate to say that we are the COMPLETE builder.


If you need a quote or require any additional information about our services, please contact O Bond Building Ltd on 07518 475445.

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